Frequently Asked Questions

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General Queries

  • Transferring Domain Names

    We often get asked how transferring domain names, in to, or away from, our name servers is handled.
    For the most part we can handle this for you, but just so you know the process, we've elaborated below.

    Transfer In

    Transferring a domain name you've purchased from a different service provider in to your WeBots account is something which is handled for you by our service team and covered in the setup fee when you first purchase a web service or hosting product from us. For security purposes you cannot transfer-in a domain name without first registering an account with WeBots.

    Transfer Out

    Transferring a domain name or service away from your WeBots account incurs an administration fee that is payable once your services are migrated from your WeBots account. Please raise a support ticket and a member of our service team will be able to assist you further.

    Please read our Service T&C's for more information.

  • Product Information & Service Pricing

    We have a selection of service datasheets available for your information.
    Alternatively, to view a complete product and service pricing guide, click here.

User Account

  • Control Panel

    Your WeBots account is centrally managed through our secure online portal. You may configure all services associated with your account through the control panel, with direct access to our support database and links to contact your account manager should you ever need assistance.

    Visit Control Panel

  • Webmail Login

    You can login to your associated webmail account(s) through our secure online portal. Complete functionality will be governed by the type of WeBots product(s) or service(s) you have assigned. You can access account level privilages via the Control Panel.

    Visit Webmail